Currently I give speeches, talks and lectures on sustainability and the circular economy.  Further, I work as a product owner of mobile apps in the waste management industry.

I am creative and have a drive to translate ideas to practical solutions. I combine my hands-on experience with strong analytical skills to provide innovative solutions to complex and multi-level challenges.

Finding practical solutions for the challenges faced by my parents’ company and to  implement sustainable business practices that increase the bottom line motivated me to make a gradual transition to industry.

Before, I worked on research and educational projects at multiple universities, institutes and consultancy organizations.

I received a Ph.D. in the United States. My dissertation focused on the ways in which Internet-supported negotiations and online auctions can reduce the cost to trade recyclable materials via online auctions and Internet-supported negotiations, such as scrap metal, used paper and plastics.

Further I received a Master’s degree in International Economics & Economic Geography. My thesis focused on how e-commerce can grow sales and help enter new markets.