Cross-Channel Innovations

Firms increasingly leverage existing customer contact channels to foster a deeper integration between physical outlets, websites, call-center, social media, apps and other channels. These strategies are referred to as multi-channel, cross-channel or omni-channel strategies. A cross-channel strategy can lower your costs, drive sales, improve conversion rates and fit your company needs. Learn more about my experiences.

Digital Green Marketing

Companies and organizations demand actionable insights to current challenges and opportunities surrounding corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities and strategies. CRS activities and green products can improve your revenue and contribute to your financial performance. Learn more about the opportunities to green your business through IT.

Business Model Innovation

Firms are increasingly involved in the selling and buying of products and services on online markets and mobile platforms. Revamping your business model requires a strong business case about the potential benefits, costs and risks involved such as a) Improvement of the effectiveness of your firm’s strategy, b) ability to create an ecosystem, and c) efficiency gains and higher sales. Learn more about my publications on this topic.